Recycling Center in Kamloops, BC

We recycle as part of the Recycle B.C. program "post consumer packaging." This is a source which works alongside the city's curbside recycling. This is recycling for homeowners. There is no recycling offered to industrial, commercial or institutions.

Curbside Recycling

  • Cardboard (paper)
  • Newsprint (paper)
  • Metal food (containers)
  • Plastic (hard) (food containers)

Return to Depots (not part of curbside recycling)

  • Glass containers
  • Plastic bags and over wrap
  • Foam packaging styro-foam

Read-To-Drink Beverage Containers Included in the Return-It System

Want to recycle something not included on our website?

Search Recycle BC's Waste Wizard or download full material list at

To recycle items that are not packaging or printed paper, contact the Recycle Council or BC (RCBC) at 1-800-667-4321 or visit

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recycle household batteries. Anything containing refrigerants are not part of recycling programs and the consumer needs to pay at small fee city landfills or metal recyclers to have refrigerants safely dealt with.

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